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See the World in Shades of Gray

Inside Nobara's Mind

† Ñøβara †

First of all, if you're here for my graphics or fanfiction, go to marble_vision.
Otherwise, read on :)

About Me
Name: Nobara
Nicknames: Noba-chan, Nya-chan, Noby-chan (tho only a few can call me that), Rukiface, Sato-kun (only MUCCfamily can call me that)
Status: In a relationship
Idolizes: Adam Lambert, Ruki, Lady Gaga, Tatsurou
Obsession bands: MUCC, 12012, MarBell, Luna Sea, Three Days Grace
Favorite colors: Grey/silver, pink, black, purple and teal
Random facts:
- I support equal rights. No H8.
- I'm in a very loving, happy, committed relationship.
- I'm a huge nerd XD
- I am shy and don't talk much.
- I love writing and pgotography
- The files on my computer must be organized and neat, but my room can be a total mess
- I say "totally" and "like woah"
- I use a lot of smiley faces ^_^

Places to find me:

Deviant Art
(Also see my photography photobucket for more of my photography.)
Cosplay.com as Nobara
You Tube


You are an Innocent Uke!

Cute and sweet, and most gentle of all uke, whips and chains are not for you - you just want someone to love you. You are often spotted in candy shops wearing furry kitty ears, where you are sure to be noticed by the Romantic Seme, whose protective instincts will kick in and will only want to take you home and love and protect you. And you, of course, will be more than happy to spend the rest of your life baking cookies for your seme.

Most compatible with: Romantic Seme

Least compatible with: Sadistic Seme, Don't Fuck With Me Seme

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